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From April 2010 we are publishing the full record of the meetings of the Parish Council as the minutes become available. You can read the full text of the minutes on screen and also access a PDF copy of the original document which is readable using the Adobe Acrobat reader or other suitable software.

11th May 2010

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday 11th May, 2010, 7.00 pm. at the Clubroom


  • Mr. D. Thompson
  • Mr. P. Hudson
  • Mrs. L. Elms
  • Mr. A. Thompson
  • Mr. J. Baldry
  • Mr. P. Chapman
  • PCSO Paul Edwards
  • Mr. D. Balls (Clerk)
  • 3 Members of the Public


  • Mr. M. Carttiss
  • Mr. R. Stanton
  • Rev. G. Steel
  • Mrs. D. Flowerdew


These were agreed and signed.


There were no matters arising.

4. CHAIRMAN'S REPORT by Mr. D. Thompson

Another year has been successfully completed with no major problems. My thanks go out to all Councillors for their support and regular attendance.
There has been 4 Full Council meetings and 4 Planning meetings where the attendance at these meetings throughout the year has been 81% which is fairly good, but shift work makes it difficult for some councillors. We have dealt with 16 planning applications this year which again is slightly less than last year.
We work very well with the Playing Field Committee which again is a good thing as some of the grants available are subject to Parish Council involvement, and the success of the hall is extremely important to the village as the existing unit we use is on its last legs. Let's hope we can report something positive in the near future.
There were no matters arising.


I am grateful to Mr. Adrian Thompson and Mr. David Thompson for scrutinising the financial records after the end of each quarter, and to Mr. Clive Bean, the independent auditor, who examines the annual accounts and records in advance of the formal audit. The last audit produced no matters requiring attention. The accounts for the year just ended will be sent for Audit in late June this year, which is again a month earlier than last year.
As usual, an un-audited Receipts and Payments statement has been prepared, and is summarised as an attachment with tonight's agenda.
Final accounts for the year ended 31st March, 2009 will be available from the Clerk once they are signed and approved by the Audit Commission.
The precept was increased this year by £1800 over the previous year mainly to cover a grant to the Playing Field Committee for their increased administrative and running costs. Work on the Claypits car park throughout the year was minimal, however planned resurfacing work this current year together with a new car park lighting column will be funded by accumulated car park rent payments by the school which in turn will result in only a minor increase in next year's precept figure.
Because of the small turnover throughout the year the audit fees have remained roughly the same as last year.
All in all I am satisfied that the Council has conducted its financial affairs carefully and thoughtfully throughout the last financial year. I must take this opportunity of thanking our Chairman and Vice-chairman and other councillors for their efforts in carrying out many small jobs around the village which in many ways has helped to keep Parish Council expenses down again this year.
There were no matters arising.

6. POOR TRUSTEES REPORT by Mr. D. Thompson

Four trustee members attended our Annual Meeting which was held on 2nd December, 2009 in the Clubroom for the allocation of poor trust money to 28 applicants.
The Chairman reported that the £2,839.24 income this year was the same as last year, comprising the following:
Balance Brought Forward £ 30.24
Land at Filby Heath (Mr. Thompson and Mr. Barnes) £ 500.00
Filby Common (Essex and Suffolk) £759.00
Shooting Rights (Mr. Hinchley) £1500.00
After depositing £900 in P.O. Savings Account, 28 applications in turn received £65.00 each which now leaves a balance of £119.24.
Mr. Thompson reported that The Post Office Investment Account now stands at £5,273.58 which is reserved for emergencies, and because spending is not increased each year then interest on this account will continue to accrue, albeit currently in a small way.
More people are requesting to go on the list which, if added to means all applicants will in future get less.
There were no matters arising.

7. PLAYING FIELD REPORT by Mr. A. Thompson

Another busy year has passed by where once again the support from local people and the wider community is evidence that we have had lots of support in trying to raise money for the new village hall. Since May 2006, when the fund was started, almost £54,000 has been raised, this is lodged in 3 different accounts, two fixed terms and the other with access if required. In addition to this we have £12,405 in a post office savings account. We also have a current account for day to day running expenses etc. and as at 21/4/10 this balance was £7,191.
The firework display in 2009 was again down on previous years, the weather was o.k. but earlier in the day it had been raining, and was obviously very wet underfoot.
The Annual Fete was very well attended on Monday 30th August, a lovely day and everything went well. Revenue overall from the fete weekend was £8,729, and after expenses, profit was £4,671, this was up on 2008 when the profit was £3,887.
Once again the Craft Club has been instrumental in promoting and arranging bazaars and social events in the hall to raise money. Both Easter and Christmas events were very successful and well supported. The recent garage sale organized by Jenny, Barbara and Jackie made over £500.
"Filby in Christmas Bloom" this year was just the one day only, 13th December. This again proved a most enjoyable afternoon, and financially worthwhile with £575 being our share of the proceeds.
The outlet for used and clean clothes has raised £3,000 to date. This is in addition to the bottle and paper banks which this year alone raised over £4,000.
The Clubroom continues to be hired by several organizations, but we are always looking for more. The refurbishment of the kitchen has now been completed, this has enhanced the facilities considerably, and thanks go to the Craft Club for their financial contribution towards these costs.
There were no matters arisng.


No report

9. POLICE REPORT by PCSO Paul Edwards

From 1/04/09 to date a total of 143 calls for assistance were recorded via our Control Room. It must be remembered that more than one call is received for a single incident.
Of the above, 19 resulted in crimes being recorded, these crimes consisted of: 4 theft, 3 theft from vehicles, 2 criminal damage, 1 assault and 8 burglary from dwellings.
The figure most alarming (and unusual) in these statistics is the number of burglaries. The majority of these occurred in late August/September 2009, when we suffered a well publicized spate in the area. Three of the burglaries were successfully detected, with the offender receiving a term of imprisonment. As a result of these burglaries PCSO Judith Ward handed out numerous DNA marking kits to householders within the village.
The staffing of the Rural Flegg Villages Neighbouhood Team, which polices the village remains the same (two police officers and three PCSO’s) and in December 2009, Police Inspector Nathan Clark took over the control of the team. Unfortunately, due to an injury whilst on duty PCSO Judith Ward is currently off sick and it is anticipated that she will be for some time. In the meantime the other PCSOs on the team, Pete Williamson and Paul Edwards, will cover in her absence, with an additional PCSO joining the team in June.
Engagement with groups within the village, whilst interrupted by PCSO Ward's absence, continues along with PCSO attendance on the mobile library van that attends the village.
I also regularly liaise with both of the Mr. Thompsons.
I have also made some appointments to go into the School and Nursery to engage with the pupils.
Speed checks are also being carried out in the village by myself and colleagues. This has resulted in some motorists being given verbal warnings, some have received warning letters, and others have been given speeding fines.

10. FILBY PRIMARY SCHOOL REPORT by Head Teacher Debbie Flowerdew read out by Chairman

Filby Primary School is a growing school and 2009/10 is our first year of full primary status.
We currently have 76 children on roll and this will grow to 85 in September 2010.
Our current families live in: Filby 34%, Runham 10%, Stokesby 9%, Fleggburgh 6% and other (out of catchment) 41%.
With the retirement of Mrs. Baker in July, 2009 a new head-teacher was appointed, Mrs. Debbie Flowerdew. Due mainly to the growth and having older children we have appointed several new staff: a new KS2 leader and teacher for Y5/6: Mrs. Monica Baker, a specialist language teacher of French and German: Mrs. Coralie Tungate, and Miss Claire Finch an early years specialist, also specific assistants for children with special educational needs Mrs. Kathryn Warner, Mrs. Pippa Futter-South and Mrs. Kim Drew. We will be appointing a new Y3/4 teacher as from September 2010 as governors have agreed to open a new class to ensure our children remain in small classes (largest 21 children).
Over the years the children have been involved in a variety of community events and we remain totally committed to Filby and its surrounding area to ensure every child is given the opportunity to experience and value what our own area has to offer.
Church Events
Rev. Steel takes our assemblies every Tuesday morning.
We organize a Children's Crib Service at the Church at Christmas and the Christmas Nativity Play "Nearly No Nativity" was performed to a full house on three occasions in the school hall.
Monies raised from these events were donated to Gt. Yarmouth Shelter.
We have had assemblies for parents/families at Mothers' day, Easter, and will celebrating Fathers' Day.
Filby in Bloom and Environmental Issues
The school continues to support the Filby in Bloom committee. Children were very willing and families able to bring children to school in their Summer Holidays to meet and greet the "In Bloom" judging team, we are always very grateful for this level of dedication to our village events.
The gardening club continues to flourish under the watchful eye of Wendy Green (parent and governor) and Mrs. Rose Canham (grandmother), and teachers are busy integrating this into our new curriculum for all children. Our gardening club is always oversubscribed and would welcome any offers of help to extend the opportunities for the children, (please drop in or telephone the school for more details).
Partnership between Filby Primary School, Broads Authority and Filby Parish Council
Filby Primary School is working with the Broads Authority and the Parish Council to reclaim and renovate the area adjacent to the school field, representatives from each partner met earlier this year to evaluate the area and put initial plans into place. Volunteers from the Broads Authority have been back to clear some overgrown trees prior to nesting season and we are due to meet again in the autumn to plan the next steps which are restoring the board walking and reclaiming and fencing the perimeter. It is hoped that when the area is safe children from the school will work with adults to discover and if necessary plant to encourage other creatures into wildlife area. At this stage our younger children can use the area for discovery, investigation and stimuli. This will be a fantastic community resource for all to enjoy for many years to come, if we continue to maintain it, and the school would like to be part of this.
Partnership between Filby Primary School and Filby Sailing Association
Filby Primary School will be offering sailing as an after school activity from June 2010. A partnership has been set up between the school and the sailing association to provide sailing lessons for all children over 8. Qualified instructors from the association have offered their own time to give this exciting experience for our youngsters. We are hoping this will become a permanent fixture to our school year and all our young people will be encouraged to sample one of the delights of the wonderful environment in which we live.
Extended use of the school building
The school building is used by the Filby Mothers and Toddler Group every Wednesday. Stepping Stones Nursery use the hall for a Mothers' Group on the 1st and 3rd Monday.
We let the hall to a local drama group on Wednesday evenings.
The school's "Friends" use the school for a variety of fundraising events including Easter Fayre, Quiz night and summer BBQ.
The school has also been used on an ad-hoc basis for events such as Bingo.
We are pleased to report the Filby WI has strengthened its links with the school and regularly provides teas and coffees to thirsty audiences or shoppers for which we are very grateful.
Use of the parish playing field and community hall
With the growth of the school and consideration of space to allow sports games, Adrian Thompson and myself have discussed the use of the parish playing field by the school for sporting events and such sports as football. It would be invaluable if the school could use these facilities but consideration would need to be given to allowing the children to hold a key for the hall due to the constant need for toilet facilities. We would envisage using the field for junior sports lessons, some lunchtime football practice, and after school coaching in the first instance.
We are awaiting council decision.
And Finally
We are always looking for new ways to involve our community in the life of the school and am sure there is a wealth of hidden talent in the parish that could inspire our children. Could I please ask parish councillors to signpost anyone with spare time or talent to us to ensure that our children continue to develop an awareness of the local area and ensure our communities sustainable future.

11. FILBY ALL SAINT'S CHURCH REPORT by Rev. Graham Steel read out by Mr. P. Chapman

All Saints continues to serve the community, being there for everyone at times of joy and celebration, baptism, weddings, and anniversaries and to provide support and comfort at times of bereavement.
Worship is offered at 10.30 am. each Sunday except 4th in the month when we share in Fleggburgh's service, and other Special Sundays when we meet as a Benefice, e.g. Rogation Sunday when we travel round the Benefice by tractor to pray God's blessing on the crops.
We also pray for the community every Saturday morning at 9.30 am. at a short service of Morning Prayer.
We held our Christmas Midnight Communion at St. Mary's last year and an Evening Service takes place there on the 3rd Sunday of the month during the summer period.
Our links are strong with Filby School. The children visit the church on special occasions and the Rector takes assemblies regularly.
Church members are actively involved in community events, they also take part in Benefice events such as our summer Holiday Club and monthly Lunch Club at Stokesby, and will soon be taking bible stories into several schools in the Open the Book Project.
Both churches are open during daylight hours through the summer and attract a steady stream of visitors.
We are concerned that we lack young families in our regular congregation and are looking at ways of providing opportunities for worship for those who find our traditional services on Sunday mornings inaccessible for one reason or another.
The building has been adapted for the needs of the community generation by generation and we are looking at how we can make the building more suitable for the needs of the 21st century, particularly now that the Church Hall has had to be closed. We want to improve the heating, the kitchen/toilet and create more space so the building is more flexible. Re-ordering a church is a long drawn out process. So far, we have met with the Diocesan Advisor, with the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches and are awaiting a meeting with our architect. Once this has happened, we want to share the resulting ideas widely with the community for comment.
I want to pay tribute to the Churchwardens, Parochial Church Council and Church members who work hard to keep the church available for those all who want to use it from the whole community.
Caring for our beautiful church building in the centre of our village is an enormous responsibility, and we are grateful for all those who contribute financially (both as individuals and through such events as the regular Thursday Quiz evenings at the Bridge Restaurant and Filby-in-Bloom weekend etc.) and in other ways to help us do this.


No report

The Meeting ended at 7.36 pm.
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11th January 2010

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on Monday 11th January, 2010, at 7.00pm. in the Clubroom


  • Mr. D. Thompson
  • Mr. P. Hudson
  • Mrs. L. Elms
  • Mr. A. Thompson
  • Mr. J. Baldry
  • Mr. R. Stanton
  • Mr. P. Chapman
  • Mr. M. Carttiss (NCC)
  • PCSO Judith Ward
  • PC Richard Cook
  • Mr. D. Balls (Clerk)
  • 6 Members of the Public




There were no declarations of interest


  1. Police Crime Report read out by PCSO Judith Ward - 51 calls received for minor incidents and 6 recorded crimes.
  2. Mr. A. Thompson thanked the Police officers present for their efforts in providing DNA marker kits which had been taken up by at least a third of the village.


The meeting was adjourned for Public Time from 7.07 pm. to 7.10 pm.

Q. Enquiry from field allotment tenant if his name was on waiting list for paddock plot on Thrigby Road allotments.
A. The Clerk reported that the list has been updated and his name is on waiting list.


It was proposed by Mrs. L. Elms, seconded by Mr. J. Baldry and unanimously agreed that these minutes be signed.


  1. The Highways Department reported on the following issues:
    1. Damaged illuminated road sign on Main Road opposite the playing field has now been replaced.
    2. Overgrown hedge and dead tree at top of Pound lane have now been removed.
  2. GYBC Planning Enforcement Officer is still monitoring construction work at The Spinney, Main Road.
  3. Despite numerous reminders from the Clerk to NPS the highway boundary marker installation is still awaited adjacent to Thrigby Road allotments.
  4. GYBC has approved the Parish Council's 2010/11 precept request.
  5. The Clerk was asked to write to Anglian Water requesting that the water tap connection on the Pound be reconnected.
  6. Plan details are still awaited from Land Registry regarding registration of Poor Trust land off Common Road.



  1. Letter received from NCC outlining the new Planning Applications Validation requirements. The Clerk reported that GYBC have adapted these new validation procedures to suit their individual circumstances.
  2. Letter received from Norwich International Airport outlining that initial report is now available to view on their website. The Chairman commented that no further comments would be required as Filby is not affected by these new controlled airspace proposals.
  3. Letters received from Filby Primary School asking for the Parish Council's comments relating to their proposals to erect a new school direction sign and new car park street light. Following Highways Department opposition to erecting a new sign on highway land the Clerk was requested to write to the school outlining the Parish Council's agreement and suggested position of the sign on land adjacent to the playing field. The Clerk was also asked to report in his response to the school that the Parish Council unanimously agreed to fund the provision and erection of a new car park lighting column which must be connected to the existing lighting supply in the school play area and the lighting costs to be funded out of school expenses.
  4. Correspondence received from Boundary Committee outlining latest position regarding Structural Review for Norfolk. No further action to be taken.
  5. Invitation received from NPA to Annual Open meeting at Jubilee House, Wymondham on 21st January, 2010. No delegates were available to attend.

Publications for Reading/Information

  1. (GYBC - Committee Agendas/Minutes
  2. Tony Wright MP - Open Surgery details
  3. Clerk and Councils Direct
  4. NALC - Norfolk Link


  1. Notices of Decisions:
    1. 06/09/0473/F & 474/LB - Conversion of barn to residential dwelling at Grange Farm, Main Road - Approved.
    2. BA/2009/0209/FUL - Demolition of side extension and construction of 2 storey bedroom and bathroom extension at 2, Broad Cottage, Main Road - Approved.
    3. 06/09/0580/F - Proposed detached garage at 6, Paddock Farm Drive - Approved.
    4. 06/09/0588/F - Construction of 10 million gallon irrigation reservoir at Grange Farm, Main Road - Approved.
    5. BA/2009/0257/OUT - Erection of 3 detached 2 storey dwellings and garages adj. Loke Cottage, Thrigby Road - Approved
    6. 06/09/0680/F - Renewal of Planning Permission for new pavilion at Filby Playing Field - Approved.
    7. BA/2008/0397/FUL - Proposed infill of existing ditch at Trinity Barn - Withdrawn.
  2. New Applications:
    1. 06/10/0004/F - Erection of Stable Block and Field Shelter at Thrigby Road Allotments - It was proposed by Mr. J. Baldry, seconded by Mr. P. Chapman and unanimously resolved to offer "no objections" to this proposal.


  1. Allotments - Nothing to report.
  2. Drainage - Nothing to report.
  3. Footpaths - Nothing to report.
  4. Highways
    1. The Clerk was requested to report footpath subsidence on Main Road opposite Homeleigh.
    2. Following the recent spell of snow Mr. A. Thompson reported requests for grit-bins at various locations in village. The Clerk explained the criteria for placement of grit-bins and it was agreed to monitor the situation before reconsideration next autumn before submission of 2011/2012 precept request.
  5. Claypits Car Park - Nothing to report.


  1. PFC
    1. Mr. A. Thompson reported that Mr. Chapman is currently in process of applying for grants towards documentation costs
    1. County Councillor Michael Carttiss reported on current NCC road gritting policy.
    2. County Councillor Michael Carttiss presented an update on the Boundary Commissions' position on the Structural Review for Norfolk.
  3. Filby School - Nothing to report.
  4. BA/The Staithe/Boats
    1. The Clerk was requested to write to the Broads Authority asking for assistance in removing reed-bed from around Staithe area.


For authorisation, if agreed.

Bank Balance on 11.01.10.

PC Current a/c £8,927.70
Allotments rent £ 558.14

Bills for Payment

Clerks Salary (December`09 - January` 10) £226.20
Expenses £2.46 £228.66
PAYE (Clerk) £ 56.40

It was proposed by Mrs. L. Elms, seconded by Mr. J. Baldry that the above accounts be paid.

Internal Audit/Bank Reconciliation for 3rd quarter carried out by Mr. D. Thompson - no problems found.

12. A.O.B.

There was no further business to discuss.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.28 pm.
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2nd December 2009

Minutes of Special Planning Meeting at 6.00 pm. on Wednesday 2nd December 2009 in Clubroom


  • Mr. D. Thompson
  • Mr. A. Thompson
  • Mr. P. Hudson
  • Mr. J. Baldry
  • Mrs. L. Elms
  • Mr. P. Chapman
  • Mr. D. Balls (Clerk)
  • 4 Members of the Public


Mr. R. Stanton


There were no declarations of interest.


The meeting was adjourned for Public Time from 6.05 pm. to 6.34 pm.

Q. What if this proposal affects The Poppins boundary.
A. This is an issue which must be taken up with the applicant and the Broads Authority.
Q. The pipe from gulley in Thrigby Road appears to be blocked off.
A. This is a matter for the Highways Department to investigate, which the Clerk will arrange.
Q. What is the condition is the outfall point to the Broad.
A. This must be looked at by the Broads Authority when determining the application.
Q. How will this affect The Poppins pipe connection into ditch.
A. This will be brought to the Broads Authority's attention to investigate and consider before making a decision.
Q. Can a site visit be arranged with Broads Authority before Parish Council makes it's final decision.
A. The Clerk will be requested to arrange a site meeting.


  1. Planning Applications:
    1. 06/09/0745/F - Siting of Caravan for purpose ancillary to keeping horses within stables at Whiteacres Stables, Market Road for Mr. W. Trowse.
      Proposed by Mrs. Elms, seconded by Mr. Baldry and resolved unanimously to offer "no objections" subject to condition that the caravan is not for permanent use and residential habitation.
    2. 06/09/0712/0 - Renewal of Planning Permission 06/03/1165/0 for 2 Residential Dwellings on Plots 10 and 11, Mulberry Tree Close for Mr. & Mrs. G. Spooner.
      Proposed by Mr. Baldry, seconded by Mr. Chapman and unanimously resolved to offer "no objections" subject to the same conditions being applied as with original application 06/03/1165/0. This outlines details regarding single storey dwellings with no dormers or roof lights overlooking Filby Close.
    3. A/2008/0397/FUL - Proposed Infill of existing ditch at Trinity Barn, Thrigby Road for Mr. I. Shepherd.
      Resolved - It was proposed by Mr. A. Thompson, seconded by Mrs. Elms that the Parish Council request this application be deferred and a site meeting be arranged with BA, IDB, Parish Council and Norfolk Wildlife Trust to determine a way forward in resolving existing problems associated with this ditch and the neighbouring property, The Poppins.

4. A.O.B.

  1. Mr. A. Thompson distributed leaflets from GYVSP requesting suggestions and ideas for the Great Yarmouth "Older Peoples Network" Participating Budget.
The Chairman closed the meeting at 6.46 pm..
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12th November 2009

Minutes of Special Planning Meeting at 6.00 pm. on Thursday 12 November, 2009 in Clubroom


  • Mr. D. Thompson
  • Mr. A. Thompson
  • Mr. P. Hudson
  • Mr. J. Baldry
  • Mr. P. Chapman
  • Mr. D. Balls (Clerk)


  • Mrs. L. Elms
  • Mr. R. Stanton


All Parish Councillors item 3a (i).


  1. Planning Applications:
    1. BA/2009/0257/OUT - Erection of 3 Detached two storey Dwellings with Double Garages at Land Adjacent to Loke Cottage, Thrigby Road for Exors. of H. R. Tennant.
      Proposed by Mr. A. Thompson, seconded by Mr. J. Baldry and unanimously agreed to "object" to this proposal on the grounds that the size and height of 2 storey dwellings are out of character with the surrounding area.
      Without the provision of a 1.8 metre wide footpath along the frontage of the site visibility on leaving the properties is still restricted to the south.
      There appears to be confusion on the plans submitted over the position of trees 4, 5, and 6 which are located in area of proposed construction work.
    2. 2009/0680/F - Renewal of Planning Permission for New Pavilion at Filby Playing Field for Filby Playing Field Committee.
      Unanimously agreed and resolved to offer "no objections".


Bank Balance on 16.10.2009. £10,376.72

PC Current Account
Bills for Payment

Clerks Salary £229.26
Clerks Expenses (Stamps) £3.06
PAYE (Clerk) £56.40
S. Hewitt (Churchyard Grass) £1210.00
D. Thompson (Remembrance Wreath) £16.50

5. A.O.B.

Following the Clerk's initial enquiry with Land Registry where title number for Poor Trust's land off Common Lane was obtained, it was agreed to go ahead with follow up enquiry to establish ownership.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 6.17 pm.

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28th September 2009


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on Monday 28 September, 2009, at 7.00 pm. in the Clubroom


  • Mr. D. Thompson
  • Mrs. L. Elms
  • Mr. A. Thompson
  • Mr. P. Chapman
  • PC Richard Cook
  • Mr. D_ Balls (Clerk)
  • 5 Members of the Public


  • Mr. J. Baldry
  • Mr. P. Hudson
  • Mr. R. Stanton
  • Mr. M. Carttiss (NCC)
  • PCSO Judith Ward


Mr. D. Thompson - item 8b (i), Mrs. L. Elms - item 7c.


Police Crime Report read out by PC Richard Cook - 62 calls received for minor incidents and 9 reported crimes - 1 burglary, 2 attempted burglaries, 2 thefts, 2 assaults, and 2 motor vehicle thefts.


The meeting was adjourned for Public Time from 7.19 pm. to 7.24 pm.
Q. Who do I complain to regarding neighbouring bonfires and smoke interference
A. Public Health Department of GYBC.
Q. What is being done about early morning speeding on Main Road.
A. Reported that police have this in hand and are carrying out regular checks on this road.


It was proposed by Mrs. Elms, seconded by Mr. Chapman and unanimously agreed that these minutes be signed.


  1. The Highways Department reported on the following issues:
    1. Main Road resurfacing from Fleggburgh to Ormesby Lane is, subject to funding programmed for the year 2013/2014.
    2. It is inadvisable to provide centre line markings through built up section of Thrigby Road as this encourages an increase in traffic speeds.
    3. Overhanging tree and hedges on corner of Pound Lane are being addressed by GYBC. The Chairman reported that whilst the hedges have been trimmed back the tree still remains. The Clerk will chase this up.
  2. GYBC Planning Enforcement Officer is investigating fence and hedge positions with Mr. Woodhouse of The Spinney, Main Road, and will report findings to council in the new year when work is finalised.
  3. Copy of correspondence by NPS to Mr. Nichols of Braeburn, Thrigby Road received outlining steps to be taken in restoring allotment boundary on Thrigby Road.
  4. Design section of Highways Department report that they are monitoring the situation regarding over-running of grass strip in bell-mouth of access into Mulberry Tree Close.
  5. The Clerk reported that following numerous communications with GYBC to relocate the bus stop sign on the Main Road near Pound Lane without success, he resorted to asking the Highways Department to move it. They did within 24 hours.
  6. The Clerk reported that he is awaiting a response from Land Registry regarding registration of Filby Common land near Filby Broad off Common Road.



  1. Received Safer Neighbourhood report from Police Officer Johnathan Smith.
  2. Invitation received from BA to "Planning Parish Forum" meeting in Norwich on 30th September, 2009. There were no delegates available to attend.
  3. Revision of existing Tree Preservation Order received on land at Filby Bridge Cottages.
  4. "Thank You" letter received from Filby in Bloom Committee for 2009 donation.
  5. NCC reported that the Speed Awareness Message (SAM) has been in operation during April and May this year. The dates and results of this exercise were read out and are now filed with the Clerk for information.
  6. Invitation received from Highways Department to their "Open Day" event on Tuesday 6th October, 2009.

Publications for Reading/Information

  1. GYBC - Committee Agendas/Minutes
  2. Environment Agency - Coastlines
  3. NPS - County Farms News
  4. NALC - Annual Report/Norfolk Link
  5. BA - Parish Tree Warden Meeting Minutes
  6. Clerk and Councils Direct


  1. Notices of Decisions:
    1. BA/2009/0144/FUL - Erection of Store, Shed & Greenhouse at Broadwater Cottage, Thrigby Road - Approved.
    2. BA/2009/0063/FUL - Proposed Extension to Dwelling & Garage at Carousel, Broad Lane - Approved.
    3. 06/09/0259/F - I Residential Dwelling & Double Garage at Plot 8, Mulberry Tree Close - Refused.
    4. TPO/2009/12 - Pollarding of 64 Poplar Trees at Hall Farm, Main Road - Approved.
  2. New Applications:
    1. 06/09/0580/F - Proposed Detached Garage at 6, Paddock Farm Close. It was proposed by Mr. Chapman, seconded by Mrs. Elms and unanimously agreed to offer "no objections"
    2. 06/09/0588/F - Proposed 10 Million Gallon Irrigation Reservoir at Grange Farm, Main Road. It was proposed by Mr. D. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Chapman and unanimously agreed to offer "no objections" subject to the following reservations which must be taken into account if approval is granted:
      1. There is a danger that as the reservoir is adjacent to a public right of way then it could encourage walkers to look into the reservoir. With this in mind it is suggested that a 2 metre high fence be erected at foot of bank to deter members of the public from "sightseeing" .
      2. The fence should be screened by hedging as a second line of defence and to make it less obtrusive to neighbouring properties.
  3. Appeal notice
    1. 06/09/0259/F - Plot 8, Mulberry Tree Close for 1 Residential Dwelling & Double Garage by G & C Homes.


  1. Allotments
    1. The Chairman reported that more garden plot allotments have been made available within field plot south of new community orchard.
  2. Drainage - Nothing to report.
  3. Footpaths - Nothing to report.
  4. Highways - Nothing to report.
  5. Claypits Car Park - Nothing to report.


  1. PFC
    1. The Chairman reported that plans for new village hall are progressing towards submission of renewal for planning permission later next month.
    2. Mr. Chapman reported that he is still in process of applying for grants for new village hall.
  2. GYBC/NCC - Nothing to report.
  3. Filby School
    1. The Chairmen reported that the new Head Teacher has started and she has settled in well.
  4. BA/The Staithe/Boats
    1. Mr. Chapman reported that overgrown reed bed near Staithe area had not been cut back. Mr. Chapman will attempt to progress with Councillor Hudson in the near future.


- For authorisation, if agreed

Bank Balance on 28.9.09.
PC Current a/c £11,904.92
Received since last meeting
NCC (Claypits rent) £700.00
Essex & Suffolk (Insurance) £151.61
GYBC (½ Year Precept) £4,405.00
HM Customs & Revenue (VAT) £312.20

Bills for Payment
Clerks Salary (Aug/Sept '09) £226.20
Expenses £3.60 - £ 229.80
PAYE (Clerk) £ 56.40
Mazars (Audit fees) £161.00
Andrew Tuddenham (Playing Field Grass) £1,081.00

It was proposed by Mr. Chapman, seconded by Mrs. Elms that the above accounts be paid.

12. AUDIT OF 2008/2009 ACCOUNTS

The Audit for the 2008/2009 accounts has been completed and Mazars on behalf of The Audit Commission has issued a certified Annual Return for the year ending 31st March, 2009 which the Clerk has posted on the Parish Council notice board for public inspection.


The parish Council considered the draft budget prepared by the Clerk, which anticipated gross expenditure of £8,900 (£8,400 net after taking account of potential income). On the proposal of Mr. Chapman, seconded by Mr. D. Thompson it was resolved unanimously to set a precept of £8,400.

14. A.O.B.

  1. (i) Mr. A. Thompson reported that he is in negotiation with Essex and Suffolk Water over problems with the Pound area water supply.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.47 pm.

pdficon28th September 2009 Back

Summaries of Meetings

Summaries of the meetings of the Parish Council can still be found at:

Summary of the most recent minutes
Summaries of the minutes of earlier meetings

Freedom of Information Act 2000

It was resolved by unanimous decision that the Parish Council will adopt, without modification. the Model Publication Scheme as developed and approved by the Information Commissioner in line with Section 20 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The Parish Clerk was requested to take any necessary actions for the Parish Council to comply with the Model Publication Scheme, as soon as possible.

In compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, please click to go to the Freedom of Information page to find details of information available.

Clerk to the Council:

David. G. Balls.
Manor House,
Church Lane,
Gt. Yarmouth,
NR29 3HW
Tel. 01493 368246

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