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At the outbreak of the First World War a meeting was held at Filby to encourage men to join up and fight. Twenty (20) men gave their names that day.

On Wednesday 31st December 1919 a dinner was held for the eighty plus men who returned. At least seventeen (17) did not return.

We are researching the names of those who attended this dinner, we've found about seventeen or so so far, and putting together brief biographies.

The original report was published in the Yarmouth Mercury on the 10th January 1920.

After the end of the Second World War Filby also held a dinner for those returning from the services.

On Sunday 6th July 2008 a memorial, situated at The Pound, was dedicated to the Far East Prisoners of War.

Om Sunday 19th July 2009 the original temporary memorial was replaced by a permanent one designed and constructed by Tom Green.


For a relatively small community it would appear that Filby has fully played its part in the defence of this country. We would like to try to tell the stories of those who served.

Filby has two memorials to its war dead.

One is situated at the Church and the other, which is also being researched and is show below, at the school.


Please check these pages regularly as a lot still needs to be done.

If you have any information or photographs which will help us to tell the story of these men please email the address below or telephone Lesley on 01493 369536.

To link to the war memorial pages please click here.

To see pictures of the memorial at the church please click here

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Other Bits:

Some are still being written or revised.

Filby Calendar 2010

Our 2010 calendar, continuing the "Filby Then & Now" theme, was launched as part of the Filby Playing Field, Bank Holiday Fun Weekend at the 'Local Roots' Exhibition in the Clubroom with profits again going to the new community centre fund.

Calendars are still on sale at Filby Post Office and via this website by sending an email to the address below.

The price has been held at £7.00. Any post and packing is extra.

There are still a few 2009 calendars available via this website.

Oh My! Ideas for the 2011 calendar are already being put together and we have started taking, and arranging to take, the 'now' pictures for it.

For enquiries and orders send an email to the address below.

Voices from the Past

New for 2010

On 20th October 2009, we started publishing a weekly "Filby News" bulletin on the Village Voice page.

Then we got to wondering what our forebears considered worthy of record and what they were doing one hundred and twenty years ago. This page is the result. From in January 2010 we are publishing, month by month, the Victorian equivalent of Village Voice starting with January 1890.

Our Church

More about All Saints, Filby.

Church Hall

Built in the 1930s, now requires substantial refurbishment.

The future of this building is uncertain and fund raising for a new community centre, to be sited on the Playing Field, is progressing despite our application for Lottery funding being rejected.


This building is a bit special as it is one of the last two 'clay lump' structures in the village.

Clubs & Groups

In more detail.

If you wish to publicise your club, or organisation, and it is based in Filby or relevant to our village please email the webmaster.