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Parish Council Members

  • Mr. D. Thompson - Chairman
  • Mr. A. Thompson - Vice Chairman
  • Mr. P. Hudson
  • Mr. P. Chapman
  • Mr. J. Baldry
  • Mrs. L. Elms
  • Mr. D. Shaw from 2013
  • Mr. M. Cartiss - County Councillor
  • Mr. D. Thompson - Borough Councillor
  • PCSO Judith Ward - Community Police
  • Mr. D. Balls - Parish Clerk
  • Mr. R. Stanton - 29th April 2013: Resigned

Summaries of Meetings

Summaries of the meetings of the Parish Council are posted on pages devoted to Parish Council business.

Summary of the most recent minutes

Summaries of the minutes of earlier meetings

From April 2010 we are publishing the full record of the Parish Council minutes as they become available. Minutes of past meetings may also become available in due course. You can read the minutes on screen and also see the original document by accessing a PDF copy which is readable using the Adobe Acrobat reader or other suitable software.

To access the full minutes go to: the full minutes pages.

Freedom of Information Act 2000

It was resolved by unanimous decision that the Parish Council will adopt, without modification. the Model Publication Scheme as developed and approved by the Information Commissioner in line with Section 20 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The Parish Clerk was requested to take any necessary actions for the Parish Council to comply with the Model Publication Scheme, as soon as possible.

In compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, please click to go to the Freedom of Information page to find details of information available.

Clerk to the Council:

David. G. Balls.
Manor House,
Church Lane,
Gt. Yarmouth,
NR29 3HW
Tel. 01493 368246

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Other Bits:

Some continue to be written or revised.

Additions and Revisions
To help you find the most recent information this page contains direct links to new pages and those most recently revised.

Voices from the Past

On 20th October 2009, we started publishing a weekly "Filby News" bulletin on the Village Voice page.
Then we got to wondering what our forebears considered worthy of record and what they were doing one hundred and twenty years ago. This page is the result. Since January 2010 we have published, month by month, the Victorian equivalent of Village Voice starting with January 1890.

New Community Centre

For some time much village fund raising has centred on this project. We have now received Stage 2 Big Lottery approval. The next stage application for Stage 3 lottery funding is now in preparation. To help us bring this to a successful conclusion please support local events and initiatives.


This building is a bit special as it is one of the last two 'clay lump' structures in the village.

Clubs & Groups

If you wish to publicise your club, or organisation, and it is based in Filby or relevant to our village, please email the webmaster at the address at the bottom of every page.

F.E.P.O.W. Memorial Bed

Originally created in 2008, and further developed with permanent features in 2009.
The Far Eastern Prisoners of War Memorial Bed is our recognition of the deprivations they suffered.

Filby Community Orchard

Phase One 2008, alright, so it was only 21 one year old maiden trees but it was a start. We still planted 50% more trees than we initially planned.
In Phase Two, 2009, 30 trees were bought and planted. The orchard area was greatly expanded and now features the 'Wild Garden' also known as the Insect Garden.
For Phase Three, 2010, at its September 2009 meeting the Parish Council agreed to allocate additional land to the Community Orchard Project. We now had space for another 36 or so trees and these were planted in late February 2011 bringing the total to 72 trees.

Filby: Local Roots

Bringing together Filby's past and present.
This project was developed and expanded with further exhibitions and displays held in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. It includes the much expanded collection of wedding photographs first shown in the Church during Open Gardens weekend 2009 and much, much more.
We would welcome the opportunity to see any photographs, pictures, recordings or documents of any era relating to Filby and its people that you would be willing to share. We are especially interested in memories of the two World Wars, Silver Jubilee and other village celebrations.

Rev. 1st January 2014