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Following the success of our "Filby Weddings" themed display at the Church during Open Gardens 2009 we followed up with a display of pictures of people who are living in the village of Filby, or who have lived in the village at some point in their lives in the past.

To qualify you had to be 40 years old in 2010 or older. We asked for pictures of residents, and former residents, when they were young, as a child or young adult, and a recent photograph. We even took the "now" picture. Of course we also needed to know the name of the person, including the maiden name if applicable, and the dates of residence.

Open Gardens was held on the 18th and 19th July.

The pictures have now joined those of the Filby Weddings collection in the Filby Collection to be housed in the New Community Centre. This collection has become as valuable a resource in the future as its predecessor had already proved to be.

Here are two examples of pictures used.



If you have any memories of Filby or its people we still look forward to hearing from you, if you have any photographs of the village or its people, any era, you would be willing to share we would appreciate the opportunity to see them, copy and add them to the collection. Contact details below.

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Other Bits:

Some continue to be written or revised.

Additions and Revisions
In 2010, to help you find the most recent information, we launched this page which contains direct links to new pages and those most recently revised.

Filby People Remembered

New for 2011. Following the success of our "Filby Weddings" and "Filby People" themed displays at the Church during "Open Gardens 2009 and 2010 respectively" go to this page to discover more about the 2011 display.

Filby Calendar 2012

Our 2012 calendar is still under consideration, if we go ahead with it this year it will be launched at the Filby Playing Field, Bank Holiday, Fun Weekend at the Exhibition in the Clubroom with profits again going to the New Community Centre Fund.
The price will probably be set at £7.50 to reflect the extra cost of materials. Any post and packing is extra.
As well as some 2011 calendars, earlier calendars, 2008, 2009 and 2010, are still available via this website by sending an email to the address below.
The price is £7.00. Any post and packing is extra.

Voices from the Past

On 20th October 2009, we started publishing a weekly "Filby News" bulletin on the Village Voice page.
Then we got to wondering what our forebears considered worthy of record and what they were doing one hundred and twenty years ago. This page is the result. From in January 2010 we have published, month by month, the Victorian equivalent of Village Voice starting with January 1890.

New Community Centre

For some time much village fund raising has centred on this project. We have now reached a stage where things are starting to show visible progress. To help us bring this to completion please support local events and initiatives.


This building is a bit special as it is one of the last two 'clay lump' structures in the village.

Clubs & Groups

If you wish to publicise your club, or organisation, and it is based in Filby or relevant to our village, please email the webmaster.

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