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From the 16th July 2009 meetings have been held in the Clubroom, Main Road at 2.00 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month

New members are always welcomed

For more information please contact:
Valerie Brock - Secretary Filby WI
Phone 01493 720014

Women's Institute Reports

This page carries the Secretary's monthly reports on the institute's activities for 2012.

The latest reports will be found on the W.I. main page or by following the link at the top to Village Voice.

21st December 2012

President Jan Howard welcomed 26 members to our Christmas meeting on 20th December.
Minutes were taken as read and business kept to a minimum. A letter had been received from Buckingham Palace as follows:-
To Mrs Howard and the Ladies of Filby and District Womens Institute.
The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for the charming card you have made to celebrate the 65th wedding anniversary of Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh.
The Queen and Prince Philip greatly appreciated your message of congratulations and the care that has been taken to create such a lovely card.
Her Majesty was very glad to hear from you and sends her thanks and good wishes to you all.
Business - Lyn Ridpath and Margaret Riseborough were thanked for decorating a Christmas Tree on our behalf at the Tree Festival in the Club Room. More knitted Teddies had been taken to the SMILE Shoebox Appeal. Daphne Newton came 4th in the Singles Scrabble Final recently.
Lottery Bonus Ball Competition was a rollover.
Birthday posies or cards were for Valerie Brock, Ella Slean, Jackie Green, Margaret Coe and Lois Duncombe.
Special gifts were for Stella Cotton, who has been a valued member of the Committee for 21 years, and to Olga Marsh who has been a continuous member for 30 years.
Members made donations to the Admiral Nurses Dementia Charity in lieu of exchanging Christmas cards. The raffle money was also for that cause.
A lovely bring and share finger buffet and refreshments was enjoyed by all.
Ella Slean and May Wanlass organised the cards entertainment.
Vote of thanks was given by Olga Marsh.
At the end of a lovely afternoon members sang ' We wish you a Merry Christmas'. Jan wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Gazette Report December 2012

Filby WI have had a very successful 2012 with 8 new members and, to crown it all, a letter from Buckingham Palace on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip was received. This is to thank Filby members for a beautifully embroidered card made by Stella Cotton with a verse inside by Jan Howard, to celebrate their Majesties 65th Wedding Anniversary.
We were pleased to make presentations of our Scrapbooks, kept up date by Lyn Ridpath and Stella Cotton, to the Judges of Anglia in Bloom and Britain in Bloom, along with other Groups, when they came to Filby. The village was very successful in both competitions. Our flower bed set and maintained by members has looked very pretty this year.
Our speakers in 2012 spoke about Rasputin, Charity for the Street Children in Nepal, Merrivale Model Village, «Wet on wet oil painting», musical entertainment, Claimed by the Sea, Jarrolds of Norwich, From pigs to oil lamps and our own member Daphne Newton talking about her career as a young Midwife in the 1960s.
In June we celebrated the Diamond Jubilee with special cakes, tea and every member had a souvenir gift to remember the occasion.
Outings have been to the Theatre Royal, Merrivale Model Village, Buttonwick Bakery, Filby Community Orchard and Heritage Site, Wroxham Barns and meals out.
We collected scarves for the «Women reaching Water» project, knitted items for the «Rosemary» Cancer Charity and the International Aid Trust, sold cakes for Denman College and collected for the A.C.W.W.
We look forward to an equally good 2013.


4th December 2012

Our next meeting is 20th December at 2.00pm in the Club Room. This is our Christmas tea and fun afternoon. If you missed putting your name down against a food item, please give the Treasurer £2 towards the cost of items bought in.
Also please complete the questionnaires in the last WI Life Magazine regarding Denman College and the Resolution for next year and bring to the meeting. Thank you.


13th November 2012

President Jan Howard welcomed 28 members to our November Annual Meeting. Because we had so much to pack into our meeting we started early with a cup of tea and delicious cake made by Diane Smith and June Pratt. Members then browsed and bought bargains at our first 50/50 sale.
We then started with business of the afternoon. Minutes of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed. A reply had been received from MP Brandon Lewis in response to our letter regarding Fair Deal for Dairy Farmers.
An invitation was accepted from Catfield WI for their party in December. Names were taken for the Federation Annual Meeting next year. Instead of exchanging Christmas Cards members will be able to donate to Admiral Nurses who care for Dementia Patients. Our raffle in December will also be for that cause.
£1196. 14 had been raised by the selling of tea cosies, egg cosies and hot water bottle covers knitted by Norfolk WIs for the 'Rosemary Charity' for women with secondary cancer. We are decorating a Christmas Tree for the Tree Festival in the Club Room on 8th and 9th December. The theme this year is for different countries and we have chosen Russia. A card beautifully embroidered by Stella Cotton on our behalf with a verse inside from Jan Howard is to be sent to HM Queen and Prince Philip on the occasion of their 65th Wedding Anniversary on 20th November.
Lottery Bonus Ball winner was Monica Betts. Raffle winner was Angela Beeston. Birthday Posies were for Lyn Rydpath, Mary Gay, Chris Martin and Angela Beeston.
A social break took place with another cup of tea before the Annual Meeting. Members were able to look at and buy lovely individual pieces of jewellery made from re-cycled cutlery by Jackie Green's husband.
Copies of the Financial Report were given to members with any questions being answered by our Treasurer. The Secretary read the Committee's Report for the year. President Jan Howard gave her report thanking everyone for making 2012 a very successful year. Vote of thanks to the President was given by Stella. Stella Cotton read out next year's programme and a report from The Playing Field Committee was given. The Committee and Officers for next year remain the same.


23rd October 2012

After the singing of Jerusalem, President Jan Howard welcomed 26 members to the October meeting.
Our speakers were representatives from the East Coast Truckers Charity. Jackie first of all told us how the Charity first came about. They celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2010. We then watched a heart warming video of a day when the Truckers took children to Pleasurewood Hills. We also heard about other outings children with special needs are taken on. They also have the use of two holiday homes at California Cliffs. Jackie answered several questions from members. There were several items on sale for their fund raising.
Vote of thanks was given by Daphne Newton.
After refreshments, minutes of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.
Federation Office have sent details of a scheme whereby members can advertise items they wish to sell through the monthly mailing for the cost of £1. Give details to Filby Secretary each month for passing on.
Invitation was received from Catfield WI for their meeting on 5th December.
May Wanlass was thanked for organising the recent meal at 'Moments'.
A petition was passed round for 'More Midwives', this will be forwarded onto Head Office in London.
Lottery Bonus Ball Competition, which was a rollover, was won by Monica Betts.
50p draw was won by Helen Scott.
Birthday posies or cards were for Janet Laxon, Molly Dorrington, Joyce Simmonds, Linda Palmer and Elaine Ellis.
Next outing is to Highways Nurseries on 23rd November.


9th October 2012

Filby WI next meet on 18th October at 2.00pm in the Club Room. Mr Ivan Hardy will tell us about The East Coast Truckers. Please bring details to this meeting of any items you wish to sell at the 50/50 sale at the November meeting.


24th September 2012

President Jan Howard welcomed members and guests to the September meeting in the Club Room.
The speaker was Mr Richard Wright whose subject was 'From pigs to oil lamps'. Whilst making a lovely oil lamp he gave a very interesting and at times humorous talk. Members were able to buy some of his lamps with the usual 10% of sales going into our funds. Vote of thanks was given by Pam Pritchett.
After refreshments the business part of the meeting took place with minutes being read,approved and signed.
Jan and May were thanked for arranging the outing for lunch at the Buttonwick Bakery which was enjoyed by everyone. A birthday invitation from Gt. Ormesby WI was accepted. It was noted that this year's Federation Christmas Fair is to be held at Federation Office on 29th November. The Harnser Group meeting is at Hemsby on 24th October at 7.30pm. Speaker will be Rachel Duffield on 'Queen Elizabeth I'. Our next outing is to 'Moments' for lunch on 12th October 12 for 12.30pm
Lottery Bonus Ball Competition was a rollover.
Birthday posies were given to Jan and Doreen Thompson. Monica Betts was thanked for once again making lovely posies from flowers out of her own garden.
Raffle was won by June Pratt.


10th September 2012

Next meeting in Filby Club Room at 2.00pm on 20th September. The speaker will be Richard Wright: 'From Pigs to Oil Lamps'.
Reminder that £5.00 deposit is required for the lunch on 12th October. Also please bring your 50/50 paper with details of items you wish to sell at the November meeting.


21st August 2012

President Jan Howard welcomed members and 1 guest to the August meeting in the Club Room.
The speakers for the afternoon were Judith Finney who is the Deli Buyer and Manager at Jarrolds Department Store in Norwich and Tim Shattock who told us first about the family store. Judith brought lots of items from the Deli Department all sourced from our region. Apart from the new line of WI biscuits which Jarrolds have started to sell. Judith then told us about the different producers of the products. We were able to sample several of the items brought. Jarrolds make up hampers or baskets for customers and they brought a basket with fragrances in as a free raffle which Angela Beeston won.
Vote of thanks was given by May Wanlass.
After refreshments the Minutes were read, approved and signed. Matters arising nil.
Jan was thanked for hosting last month's summer tea.
The November meeting is now the 8th instead of the 15th this is to accommodate an important meeting in the Club Room on the 15th.
Several knitted tea cosies, egg cosies and hot water bottle covers were handed in to sell for the 'Rosemary' charity.
Valerie Brock gave a report on the afternoon at the Community Orchard and Heritage Site.
New outings - Wroxham Barns 6th Sept and lunch at 'Moments' on 12th October.
Birthday card was sent to Caroline Nicker.
50p draw winner was Joyce Simmonds.


6th August 2012

Next meeting is 16th August at 2.00pm in the Club Room. The speaker will be Mrs Janice Quilter from Jarrolds 'Deli'. Payment is required at this meeting please for lunch at the Buttonwick Bakery, Mautby on 14th September. Please bring your knitted Tea Cosies and Egg Cosies to the meeting to be sold for the 'Rosemary' local charity for women with secondary cancer.


23rd July 2012

President Jan Howard welcomed 26 members and guests to her home on 19th July. Unfortunately we were not able to sit outside because of the weather, but Jan and Richard had made us very welcome with lots of chairs inside. We started by having sandwiches, cheese scones and cakes with refreshments. Jan thanked everyone who had provided the food. Afterwards Jan was able to show members round her lovely garden in between the showers.
A short business meeting then took place.
Minutes of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.
Matters arising were nil.
Orders were taken for next year's diaries and calendars. People who had made tea cosies and egg cosies to be sold for the Rosemary Cancer Charity were asked to bring them to the next meeting. They will then be passed on to Federation Office.
Outings - We are meeting at the Heritage Site, Thrigby Road at 3.00pm on 9th August. After a look round we will have refreshments there and stay for a chat. Lunch has been booked at the Buttonwick Bakery, Mautby on 14th September. Please bring your money for this to the next meeting.
Lottery Bonus Ball Winner was Olga.
Birthday cards were for Pam, Sue and Betty.
There were several winners of the big raffle.
Plants and cakes were on sale with Jan having the proceeds for a Charity of her choice.


9th July 2012

A reminder that the meeting on 19th July is at Jan's house starting at 1.00pm with sandwiches, cakes and refreshments. Hopefully some sunshine as well. If wet a decision will have been made by noon as to the venue (garden or Club Room, check with Jan if in doubt) that day. Raffle prizes please from Monica, Diane, Jackie, Joyce, Margaret Riseborough, Elaine, Helen and Caroline. There will be plants and cakes for sale.


25th June 2012

The monthly meeting was held in the Club Room recently and after the singing of Jerusalem, President Jan Howard welcomed 26 members, 3 guests and the link delegate Iris Bourne.
Our Speaker was Chris Weston who gave a talk and showed slides entitled 'Claimed by the Sea'. This he did in an interesting and entertaining manner. Vote of thanks was given by Daphne.
Special refreshments then followed. Set out on a table adorned with bunting was a beautifully decorated fruit cake, sponge fingers and lemon drizzle cake. All this to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Along with a piece of cake everyone had a glass of Bucks Fizz and the President proposed a toast to the Queen. Each member received a metal bookmark with a picture of the Queen on it.
Then down to business. Minutes were read and signed. May Wanlass was thanked for organising the visit to the Merrivale Miniature Village. Stella and Valerie have set plants in our flower bed on the Pound. Several knitted teddies and hats have been taken to the local co-ordinator of the International Aid Trust. An invitation has been accepted from South Walsham for their Visitor's Meeting.
The Annual Meeting Report was given by Iris Bourne. The resolution was passed with a huge majority voting for it.
Lottery Bonus Ball Winner was Janet Laxon.
50p draw winner was Sylvia.
Pam Pritchett thanked the Committee for arranging a lovely afternoon.
The meeting ended with everyone singing the National Anthem.


11th June 2012

Filby WI are having their Jubilee meeting on June 21st at 2.00pm in the Club Room. Members are asked to wear red, white and blue if possible. The speaker will be Mr Chris Weston with the subject «Claimed by the Sea».


21st May 2012

President Jan Howard welcomed members and introduced new member Margaret Coe at the May meeting.
Invitations have been accepted from Acle, Caister and Hemsby WIs. Our July meeting will be held at the home of the President starting at 1.00pm with sandwiches, cakes and refreshments. Members were asked if they knew of interesting speakers we could consider for next year's programme. The rota is available for maintaining our flower bed on the Pound. Our matching cups and saucers are for hire if anyone has a big event coming up. There are approximately 60 sets. Please contact Jan on 730122 if interested. Federation Office are having fund raising sales on 4th, 6th and 7th August. Items required are clean clothes, new shoes, books and jigsaws. Our own fund raising afternoon went well with delicious cakes made by members available to buy.
Our member Daphne Newton explained this year's resolution 'Lack of Midwives'. We were all in agreement for the resolution. Daphne then spoke about her early days as a midwife in the early 1960's living with other young midwives in the big house at the Plantation Garden. Her talk was fascinating and a real 'Call the Midwife' story.
Vote of thanks was given by Jan.
Pam Pritchett gave a report on her visit to Ormesby WI when they had a speaker from Dementia UK talking about the Admiral Nurses. This was very interesting and we are going to give the money we donate at Christmas instead of exchanging Christmas Cards to this worthy cause.
Birthday posies were given to Stella, Margaret Riseborough and May. Janet Laxon was thanked for making the posies. A pot plant was presented to Monica Betts who was celebrating a special birthday.
50p draw was won by Angela Beeston.


8th May 2012

Our May meeting on the 17th is to discuss the Resolution for the Annual Meeting in London. The subject being 'Lack of Midwives'. This will be explained by member Daphne Newton and she will also tell us about her time as a young midwife in the 1960s. Please bring your money to the meeting for the outing to the Merrivale Miniature Village £3.90 entry and £4.00 for tea afterwards. The May meeting is the first fund raiser for our 80th birthday in 2014 with a cup of tea and piece of cake for £1 and 75p for slice to take home. Please make a cake if you can. Our next fund raiser for our 80th is a 50/50 sale in November.
Jan has two fold up canvas chairs with cup holders. The chairs fold up into a bag. They are for sale now at £10.00 for the pair. Please 'phone Jan on 730122 if you are interested.


29th April 2012

Filby WI celebrated their 78th birthday in Fleggburgh Village Hall on 26th April. President Jan Howard welcomed 22 members and guests from local WIs.
Our musical entertainment for the evening was provided by Annabel and John. This was enjoyed very much with everyone joining in with the singing when asked.
Vote of thanks was given by Jan.
A buffet, with home made food provided by members, was delicious.
The pretty flower arrangements on the tables were made by Janet Laxon.
Lottery Bonus Ball winner was Pam Pritchett.
Birthday card had been sent to Diane Smith.
Please bring your money for the outing to the Merrivale Miniature Village to the May meeting. £3.90 entry and £4.00 for tea afterwards.
A new outing arranged is to Buttonwick Bakery, Mautby on 28th June. After looking round the bakery we will be having refreshments and cakes.
Raffle prizes were drawn and Jan thanked everyone for making the evening such a success.
The May meeting is the first fund raiser for our 80th birthday in 2014 with a cup of tea and cake selling for £1 and pieces of cake to take home 75p each. Please make a cake if you can. Thank you.


15th April 2012

Party Night for members on 26th April 7.15pm prompt at Fleggburgh Village Hall. There will be a big raffle and the usual Bring and Buy stall. Please let Valerie know, on 720014, if you have to cancel.
If anyone has copies of WI Life Magazine Nos. 41, 42 and 43, all this year, which they would like to pass on please give them to Valerie at the party.
Resolution meeting on 17th May is a fund raising afternoon. Tea and a piece of cake £1.00 and pieces of cake .75p each. All cakes welcome.


20th March 2012

President Jan Howard welcomed 26 members, including new member Caroline Nicker and one guest to the March meeting in Filby Club Room.
Speaker Sophia Flowers gave a lovely demonstration of 'Wet on Wet Oil Painting' the Bob Ross Technique. Her finished painting of a mountain landscape was beautiful. Jan helped by painting a few clouds.
Vote of thanks was given by Jan.

After refreshments the Minutes of the last meeting were read, approved and signed.
75 scarves had been taken to Fed. Office to sell for the 'Water reaching Women' project. The next Fed. Office project which we are getting involved in is to knit Fifties Retro Chic home comforts such as tea cosies, egg cosies or hot water bottle covers to be sold in aid of the Rosemary Group which is a local charity supporting women with secondary cancer. Use your own patterns. Items required for our August meeting please. If anyone else would like to do a little bit of knitting for a worthy cause, please ring Valerie on 720014.

Resolution chosen to be discussed at the Annual Meeting is 'The need for more midwives'.
The party food list was circulated. If you have to cancel coming to the party please let Valerie know. Party starts at 7.15pm.
A cheque has been sent to the ACWW. The Treasurer thanked members for their donations over the last year.
Lottery bonus ball winner was Vivien.
Birthday posies or cards were for Olga, Tricia and Esther.
Next outing is to the Merrivale Miniature Village on 24th May.


20th February 2012

On 16th February President Jan Howard welcomed 25 members, new member Helen Scott who had joined us on the day and guest Margaret Cox.
Our speaker, Mr Peter Williamson, gave a very interesting talk about the history of the Merrivale Model Village in Gt. Yarmouth. Old photographs were circulated which brought back memories to several members. He had also brought a model house and figure and explained how and where they were made. Several questions were answered by Mr Williamson.
Vote of thanks was given by Stella Cotton.
After refreshments the official business took place.
Minutes of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.
Daphne Newton was thanked for organising tickets for 'Hello Dolly' which had been greatly enjoyed.
Harnser Group meeting is at Hemsby Village Hall on 28th March at 7.30pm when the speaker will be Rosemary Thompson talking about the Plantation Garden at Norwich.
Betty Burchell is to be our delegate at the F.A.M. in March.
Party food list was circulated.
Lottery Bonus Ball winner was Molly Dorrington.
50p draw winner was Betty.
Birthday posies or cards were for Ann Chapman, Vivien Moore, Pat Bean and Helen Scott.
Next outing is to the Merrivale Model Village on 24th May.


6th February 2012

The next meeting of Filby WI is 16th February. Speaker is Peter Williamson talking about the Merrivale Miniature Village in Great Yarmouth. Balance of £7.50 for lunch at Ambitions on 1st March is due at this meeting.


23rd January 2012

President Jan Howard welcomed 2 guests and 29 members including Elaine Ellis and Diane Smith who had joined at our first meeting of the New Year. Diane is the daughter of our longest serving member, Monica Betts, and it is the first time in Filby WIs history that we have a daughter and mother as members at the same time. A change from previous years is the fact that we are having our Speaker at the start of the meetings. Mrs Wendy Bircham spoke about, and showed DVDs, of the work of The Morning Star Charity which was set up by her parents a few years ago for the street children of Nepal. Her talk was very interesting and we were pleased to be able to give her a donation from money given by members instead of exchanging Christmas cards between ourselves.
Vote of thanks was given by Lyn Ridpath.
After refreshments the Minutes of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed. Invitations from Sea Palling and Rollesby WI were accepted. Resolution voting forms were collected in and the result will be forwarded to Federation Office. Unwanted scarves are being collected for the 'Women reaching Water' project. These will be sold at a meeting at the UEA in March for this project.
Members were asked for their ideas for our fund raising during the year.
Daphne Newton was congratulated on winning the Federation Scrabble Singles Competition. Jan Howard has written a poem for this year's Rose Bowl Competition.
Lottery Bonus Ball Competition was a rollover.
Birthday posy was given to Rita Hill and a Birthday card sent to Angela Pacey.
50p draw winner was Daphne Newton.


8th January 2012

First meeting of the year is 19th January at 2.00pm in Filby Club Room. The Speaker is Wendy Bircham 'Morning Star' Charity. The Street children in Nepal.

Subscription £31.50 for the year is due as is £3 deposit for lunch at Ambitions on 1st March. Have you any scarves (in good condition) that you no longer want or fabric jewellery? These are needed by Fed.Office for a sale as part of the 'Women Reaching Water Global Action' Event.

Please bring your completed Resolution Form from latest addition of WI Life. Thank you.


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