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From the 16th July 2009 meetings have been held in the Clubroom, Main Road at 2.00 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month

New members are always welcomed

For more information please contact:
Valerie Brock - Secretary Filby WI
Phone 01493 720014

Women's Institute Reports

This page carries the Secretary's monthly reports on the institute's activities from 15th November 2009 to December 2010.

The latest reports will be found on the W.I. main page or by following the link at the top to Village Voice.

5th December 2010

On a very windy and bitterly cold afternoon, President Jan Howard welcomed 22 members to our Christmas Party. A rendition of 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' got us into the festive mood.

Minutes of the previous meeting were taken as read and there was no correspondence to go through.

Members were asked to see if they have broken or unwanted jewellery which Federation Office are collecting for 'Heart Research'. These to be taken to the meeting in Norwich in March. A visit to the Forum to see the 'Livability' Christmas Tree had been interesting. The tree was 15' high with 4,000 knitted leaves and nearly 2000 knitted decorations. The leaves will be sewn together to produce blankets for orphans abroad. Over 600 people responded to the appeal for knitting, including us. The Lottery Bonus Ball Competition was a rollover. The winner of the squares competition which had been going through the year was Pauline Westgate. A big raffle with 8 prizes was drawn during the afternoon.

The next outing is an evening meal at the Furzedown Hotel on 24th February.

Birthday posies were for Valerie, Lois, Ella and Jackie.

A lovely buffet was enjoyed by members. Vote of thanks was given by May Wanless. Ella Slean and May Wanless had organised a Bingo Card Game. Six games took place with each winner receiving a Poinsettia Plant with consolation prizes of chocolate bars.

At the end of an enjoyable afternoon the President wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


22nd November 2010

Filby WI next meet on Thursday 2nd December at 2.00pm in the Club Room. This is our Christmas Party and members are asked to bring a drink, glass and cutlery. Please let the Secretary know if you are not able to come. A box will be available for donations to the 'Livability' Charity instead of exchanging Christmas Cards.


15th November 2010

The Annual Meeting was held in the Club Room on 11th November. President Jan Howard welcomed members and two new members were introduced.

Ten members hope to go to the Federation Annual Meeting in Norwich next March. Our Christmas Charity Box will be for the 'Livability' home for disabled young people in Norwich. Some members will be going to the Forum in Norwich next week to see the special 'Livability' Christmas Tree made up of green knitted squares to represent the leaves fixed on a wooden frame with knitted decorations. Our next project is to knit Matinee Jackets for the babies of Teenage Mothers being looked after by the Family Service and Family Nurse Partnership. This is a new venture looking after the Mothers and their babies until they are 2 years old, showing the Mothers how to look after their babies and encouraging the Mothers to continue with their education and training for jobs in the future. We are going to decorate a Christmas Tree at Filby's Christmas Fair with items relevant to the WI. Our Norfolk Beefing Apple Tree in the Community Orchard has had its first little fruits this year.

Autumn Council Report was given by Valerie Brock.

Lottery Bonus Ball winner was Pam Pritchett.

50p draw winner was Stella Cotton.

Birthday posies were given to Chris Martin and Mary Gay.

Official Business - A copy of the financial report was given to members. The adoption of the Accounts was passed. The Committee Report was given by Secretary Valerie Brock. Jan Howard read the President's Report thanking everyone for making it a successful year. The Playing Field Report was read out. Ella Slean gave her Trading Stall Report. Olga Marsh is retiring after helping with the Stall for several years and a box of chocolates in appreciation of her hard work was given to her. Stella Cotton read out next year's programme which has a lot of interesting items to look forward to. Vote of thanks to the President was given by Stella Cotton. On behalf of the members Pam Pritchett thanked the Committee for their hard work. President, Secretary, Treasurer and the Committee are to remain the same for next year.


24th October 2010

President Jan Howard welcomed members to the October meeting in Filby Club Room.
May Wanlass was thanked for arranging the recent boat trip on the Broads.
A group of members were pleased to provide and serve biscuits, cakes and refreshments to the children from Filby Primary School and their parents after the Harvest Service in the Church.
Orders were taken for next year's Federation Gazette.
Some members will be going to the next Auditions Day on 3rd December at Federation Office.
Lottery Bonus Ball winner was May Wanlass. Raffle prize was won by Valerie Brock.
Birthday buttonholes were given to Molly Dorrington, Linda Palmer and Joyce Simmonds.
There is to be a visit to Highways Nurseries on 18th November.
Speakers for the afternoon were Gerry and Alan Baxter who were dressed in their Pearly King Costumes and gave a very entertaining talk explaining the history of Pearly Kings and Queens.
Vote of thanks was given by Ellen Slean.
Next month's meeting is on the 2nd Thursday not the 3rd Thursday.


10th October 2010

The next meeting will be 21st October at 2.00pm in the Filby Club Room. The speaker will be Mr Gerry Baxter talking about The History of Pearly Kings and Queens.
Orders will be taken at the meeting for next year's monthly Federation Gazette. The cost is £3.00 for the year.
Names will be taken for an Auditions Day at Federation Office on 3rd December cost £3.50. Lunch can be booked for £3.00 payable on the day.

Federation Office are planning to have a 'Second-hand Handbags' stall at next year's Garden Party to raise funds. If you have any 'unloved' bags which can be passed on please bring them to this month's meeting. They can then be taken to the Autumn Council Meeting on the 22nd October.


20th September 2010

The Monthly meeting was held in the Club Room on 16th September which was the anniversary of the 1st WI being formed in Llanfair PG in 1915. President Jan Howard welcomed Filby members and 3 guests.
Members were thanked for the knitting done for the 'Smoothie' project being run by Age Concern and for the 'Livability' project raising money for disabled young people at John Groome Court in Norwich.
Names were taken for the Harnser Group meeting next month when the speaker will be Roy Davenport talking about his 'Magic Family'.
Invitations were received from Gt. Ormesby WI for their Harvest Bazaar on 13th October, South Walsham WI for their Visitor's Meeting on 6th October, Rollesby WI for their visit to Spalding for a Shopping Trip on 20th October and their outing to the Cromer Pier Christmas Show on 15th December.
Birthday posies were given to Jan Howard and Doreen Thompson.
Speaker was Christine Humphries who talked about Tracing her Family History, as she had lived in Filby during the early part of her life this was very interesting.
Vote of thanks was given by Sue Smith.
Raffle draw was won by Mary Gay.
Next outing will be a boat trip on the Norfolk Broads from Wroxham.


23rd August 2010

President Jan Howard welcomed members and 3 guests to the August meeting.

A reply was read out from Great Yarmouth MP, Brandon Lewis, regarding the WI Resolution for correct labelling of food.

Orders were taken for diaries and calendars.

We are taking part in knitting hats for 'Smoothie' bottles being run by Age Concern.
We are also knitting green squares to be made into a 15ft Christmas tree being organised by the 'Livability' Charity in Norwich for disabled young adults. The tree when finished will be on display in the Forum in Norwich between 19th and 28th November and then it will be moved to the Hostry in Norwich Cathedral.

An invitation from Hemsby to join them on 17th November for a day in Cambridge was accepted by some members.

An outing on Queen of the Broads from Wroxham on 23rd September is being arranged.

Birthday posy was given to Barbara Secker.

Raffle was won by Jan Howard.

The Speaker Peter Banham gave a very interesting talk about 'Old Sayings and their meanings'. Members were asked for their ideas before being told the meanings.

Molly Dorrington gave the vote of thanks.


9th August 2010

Next meeting Thursday 19th August at 2.00pm in the Club Room. Speaker will be Mr. Peter Banham 'Old Sayings and Origins'.

Orders will be taken for next year's Diaries and Calendars. National Diary £3.45,Norfolk Diary £2.60 and Calendars £3.50 each.


20th July 2010

Filby & District members held their July meeting on a sunny afternoon in the lovely garden of member Margaret Riseborough's daughter. Wendy.

President Jan Howard welcomed members and guests. Home-made cakes and tea were enjoyed during the afternoon.

Names were taken for the Autumn Federation Meeting on 22nd October in Acle. Orders for next year's diaries and calendars will be taken next month.

It is hoped to have a boat trip on the Broads from Wroxham in September. Further details will be given at the August meeting.

Birthday posy was given to Pam Pritchett.

Monies raised from the raffle,tombola, cards and cake stall organised by Margaret and Wendy were for Macmillan Nurses.

They were thanked by Janet Laxon.


20th June 2010

President, Jan Howard, welcomed members, guests and Federation Secretary Cindy Brookes to a Summer Tea at Filby Bridge Restaurant on 17th June.

An invitation to Hemsby WI's Strawberry Tea was accepted.

Plants have been set in our Flower Bed on the Pound and members were asked to put their names down on a rota to help with maintaining the plot.

Members were also asked if they had names of speakers who would be of interest when arranging next year's programme.

We had been pleased to help serve refreshments at Filby School's Sports Day.

Lottery Bonus Ball winner was Ella Slean.

Birthday buttonhole was given to Daphne Newton.

National Annual Meeting report was given by Cindy Brookes.
The resolution had been passed by 99.13%. Speakers at the meeting John Bercow, Tim Smit, Lee Durrell and Gwen Parry-Jones, the only female Power Station Director, had all been very interesting.
The meeting in Cardiff ended with entertainment by the Welsh male voice choir Only Men Aloud.

The raffle organised by Ella Slean at our meeting raised £60.00 for 'Nelson's Journey Smiles' Appeal.

Lyn Ridpath gave the vote of thanks.


7th June 2010

Next meeting 2.00pm Filby Bridge Restaurant 17th June for our Summer Tea. Please 'phone Valerie by 15th June if you are unable to come.
Federation Secretary Cindy Brookes will be giving her report on the Annual Meeting in Cardiff.
The 'big' raffle will be for 'Nelson's Journey Smiles' Appeal.


23rd May 2010

Vice President Stella Cotton welcomed members and 1 guest to this month's meeting in the Club Room.
Invitations were accepted to parties at Caister, Acle and Ormesby W.I.'s.
Caister have invited us to join their visit to Sandringham, Acle to join their visit to Pensthorpe and Hemsby to join their visit to the Newmarket Stud.
The Federation Garden Party in the Bishop of Norwich's garden had been enjoyed last week.

Our 'special' raffle at the June Summer Tea will be for 'Nelson's Journey Smiles' appeal.

Valerie Brock gave the delegate's report on the Federation Annual Meeting held recently.

Lottery Bonus Ball winner was Margaret Riseborough.

Birthday buttonholes were for Stella Cotton, Margaret Riseborough, May Wanlass and Monica Betts.

The resolution to be discussed at this year's Annual Meeting was explained by WI Adviser Gail Armstrong.
All members agreed with the resolution.

Vote of thanks to Gail was given by Daphne Newton.

Molly Dorrington won the 50p draw.


19th April 2010

Filby WI celebrated its 76th birthday in Fleggburgh Village Hall on 15th April 2010.
Vice President Stella Cotton welcomed members, their guests, WI Adviser Gail Armstrong, Daphne Howlett and guests from Caister, Winterton, Ormesby, Sea Palling, Rollesby, Sth Walsham, Catfield, Acle Evening and Hemsby WIs.

We were entertained by Two Plus One singing Broadway Melodies.

Vote of thanks to them was given by Stella Cotton.

A lovely buffet provided by members and some items bought in was much enjoyed.

Daphne Howlett thanked us all on behalf of the guests.

Our next outing is to Yesterday's World on 27th May. Please bring £8.00 to cover cost of entry and buffet lunch to the May meeting. It is not too late to put your name down.


4th April 2010

After an enjoyable tour round BBC East at Norwich the next thing for members to look forward to is the Party on 15th April, Fleggburgh Village Hall 7.00pm for 7.15pm.
Entertainment starts at 7.30pm.
Please contact the Secretary if you are not able to come.
Last Darts Social Evening for the season is 19th April 7.30pm, Bracecamp Hall.


22nd March 2010

Vice President Stella Cotton welcomed members to the March meeting in the Club Room.

An invitation from Winterton WI to join them at their party was accepted, as was an invitation to join an outing with Hemsby WI to visit the National Stud at Newmarket.
Names were taken for the Federation Garden Party in the Bishop's Garden in Norwich on 16th May.
Our next outing is to Yesterday's World on 27th May.

Daphne Newton was thanked for organising the visit to Ambitions Restaurant at the Gt. Yarmouth College for lunch.

Lottery Bonus Ball Winner was Doreen Thompson.

Birthday posies were for Olga Marsh,Esther Ward and Tricia Gilliat.

Stella Cotton presented a Silver WI Brooch to Pauline Westgate to celebrate her 40 years as a member of Filby WI.

Speaker was Dr. Mark Barber who gave a very interesting talk on Natural Health Care.
He was thanked by Olga Marsh.


8nd March 2010

Next meeting 18th March at 2.00pm in the Club Room when the speaker will be Dr. Mark Barber talking about Natural Health Care.

Please pay £5 for the visit to the BBC Norwich on 21st March if you haven't already done so at this meeting.


21st February 2010

Vice President Stella Cotton welcomed 25 members to the February meeting.
Get well wishes have been sent to President Jan Howard after her recent operation.

Names were taken for the Federation Garden Party in the Bishop's Garden,Norwich on 16th May.

Also for the Harnser Group Meeting at Hemsby on 24th March when we are to provide refreshments.

Details of our Party in April were circulated.

Ella Slean and Olga Marsh have taken over the running our our Bring and Buy Stall.
Members were asked to bring any items which they think might sell on the stall.

An up to date financial report was given by the Treasurer.

Janet Laxon won the Lottery Bonus Ball Competition in January.

Birthday posies were for Ann Chapman and Pat Bean.

Presentations were made to Ella Slean celebrating her Golden Wedding in February and to Pauline Westgate celebrating her Golden Wedding in March.

The afternoon speaker was Mr. Geoffrey Hodson 'Germany Calling'. Vote of thanks was given by Valerie Brock.

Raffle prize was won by Doreen Thompson.


24th January 2010

Next meeting Filby Club Room 18th February 2.00pm.Speaker Mr Geoffrey Hodson 'Germany Calling'.
Balance of money due for lunch at 'Ambitions' please.


10th January 2010

The first meeting of the year is on 21st January at 2.00pm - 4.00pm in the Club Room, Main Road, Filby.
The speaker will be Mrs Sally Shaw talking about her visit to the Bulgarian Pleven Institute.
Subscriptions are due and members are asked to return their voting slips for the National Resolutions.
We are very sad to announce the sudden death of our dear member Mavis Szaj. She will be missed very much.


6th December 2009

After the singing of Jerusalem, President Jan Howard welcomed members to the December meeting in the Club Room.

After a Buffet Lunch a Quiz, presented by Stan Ridpath, was enjoyed. The winners were Janet Laxon and Betty Burchell.
The winner of a big basket of beauty products was Molly Dorrington.
Squares had been on sale during the last few months for this and a profit of £50.00 was made for our funds.
A big raffle and auction of Christmas items raised £104.55 for funds.

Jan Howard thanked everyone for all the work done to make the afternoon so enjoyable.

The minutes of last month's meeting were taken as read and there was no official business to go through.

Lottery Bonus Ball winner for the month was Joyce Simmonds.

50p draw winner was Stella Cotton.

Birthday buttonholes were given to Lois Duncombe, Valerie Brock, Ella Slean and Jackie Green.

We have set Daffodil Bulbs round our Apple Trees in the Community Orchard to encourage the bees.

President Jan Howard closed the meeting wishing members a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


15th November 2009

President Jan Howard welcomed members and 1 guest to the Annual Meeting.

Lyn Ridpath is to be the Link Delegate for the National Annual Meeting next year.
Names were taken for the Federation Christmas Fair and the Federation Annual Meeting in March.

Members were asked to complete individual voting forms which are in this month's WI Life Magazine.
These are needed for changes to the National Resolution Selection Process and will be sent to the Federation Office.

Lottery Bonus Ball Winner for the month was Lois Duncombe.

50p draw winner was Ella Slean.

Over the year 100 knitted vests, 54 knitted Teddies in bags and 17 hats have been passed on to Overseas Charities for under- privileged children.

The Treasurer, Lyn Ridpath, gave her report and said the finances were healthy, but different ideas for fund raising are always welcome.
Lyn proposed acceptance of the accounts, a copy of which had been given to each member, this was seconded by Janet Laxon.

The Secretary, Valerie Brock, gave the Annual Report.
We have had interesting speakers, meals out and several outings.

Stella Cotton read out next year's programme pointing out that the cost of speakers and their transport are always on the increase.

President Jan Howard thanked all the members for their support making the year a successful one.
She had been honoured to receive a Certificate at the Federation Annual Meeting marking our 75th birthday.

Stella Cotton gave the vote of thanks to the President.

Tokens of appreciation were given to retiring Committee members Janet Laxon, Mavis Szaj and Lois Duncombe. Lois has run the Trading Stall for the last 8 years.
Also to Sue Smith who has been our Press Correspondent for several years.

The President, Treasurer and Secretary remain the same next year.
New Committee members are Daphne Newton and May Wanlass who join Stella Cotton and Ella Slean.

Next meeting is December 3rd at 1.00pm in the Club Room for the Christmas Buffet.
Members need only bring a glass and drink.
There will be a special Christmas Raffle and a Quiz.


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